Citi Australian Investment Conference

This was an annual event that we have been managing for over a decade.  We’ve often had keynote speakers join us remotely via videoconference but 2020 provided a unique set of circumstances for our client as the program became almost fully virtual.  We had nearly 80 speakers in two streams over two days.  Just over 20 of these speakers joined us at the venue, the rest presented via zoom.

We had a 12m wide LED wall for in-room content at the Four Seasons.  This was 4K resolution in 32:9, super widescreen format.  The livestream was going out Full HD in 16:9 so we needed independent AV systems to drive both in-room and livestream switching.  We had 26 sessions over the two days with a 5 minute break between them.  That 5 minutes was filled with welcoming new Zoom participants “on stage”, updating stream codes, cueing videos and changing stage furniture etc.  Not a moment to spare.

Multiple Zoom PC’s provided pinned inputs to our two vMix production PC’s.  Extra inputs included a pair of cameras and a playback machine for video rolls and slide decks.  We ran a combination of SDI and NDI connections for all inputs.  vMix enabled us to de-Zoomify the look of the presentations.  Individual presenters appear to be on their own live link and not part of a zoom meeting which completely transforms the look and professionalism of any production.

Audio was run outboard of vMix through an A&H SQ5 – the perfect desk for this type of event.  This set-up was emulated in a smaller room for the second stream.

The agenda for an event like this is quite fluid but we were kept in the loop every step of the way. The Citi event team worked tirelessly coordinating all aspects of the program and consulted with us on the technical implications of any changes.  Technical tests were scheduled for every presenter and we spoke via zoom with everyone, testing cameras, mics and lights.  We left nothing to chance.  The months of pre-production and the great teamwork on site between Citi event staff and our techs meant there were no surprises.  The hard work paid off with a seamless delivery of the event.  The photo at the bottom shows a bunch of very satisfied technicians at the end of the show.

Garvan Gala Dinner

This showcase event displayed the remarkable imagery & animation of Dr Kate Patterson from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.  Kate’s use of visual language transformed complex scientific concepts for a broad audience and we were given an open brief to transform a unique and challenging space into a biological wonderland.

Custom animation and video content was mapped onto a range of surfaces including a six story helical staircase.  This was achieved with a pair of vertically mounted, horizontally stacked 20K projectors.  A pair of Christie 10K projectors delivered a blended 14m wide image while a 3rd projector illuminated the ceiling.  Two more ultra short throw projectors were used on opaque glass panels on the stage to provide a holographic effect.

All video content was managed through Millumin software and our Roland V-1200HD Multi Format Processor.

Lighting for the event provided its own challenges. We colour matched the various animations on display without detracting from their impact.  A combination of over 40 static and intelligent light fixtures helped bring the space to life.

Hundreds of hours of pre-production and testing ensured a seamless installation and operation of the event.  We had worked very closely with our client during the development and testing phases of our ideas. They were very supportive and allowed us to push the envelope and experiment in a number of areas. They were extremely happy with the result and so were we.

Transit Systems Dinner

Our client came to us and gave us a fairly open brief: “We’ve got 1500 people and we want them to have a good time!”

The company's Director and General Manager were throwing a sit down dinner to thank their staff for a fantastic year and they wanted it to be an event to remember.

So we set about doing what we do best; using sound, vision and lighting to enhance the space, create warmth and opportunities for connection, celebration and most importantly, fun! By the time the Kate Cebrano was into the second song the dance floor was full.  I think we did our job!

A big thanks for allowing us to be part of your special event. Our team always find it rewarding to see people having such a fantastic time.

We look forward to another great event next year.

On the technical side of things:

- Visual presentations through a Roland V-1200HD. 

- Three Panasonic cameras shooting different angles around the room. 

- Barco Projection mapping onto vehicles.

- Adamson Line Array for four very different bands.

- A lighting set up of around 250 fixtures from Martin MAC101, Martin Vipers to nice simple LED PARS, all powered by the trusty GrandMA2. 

- A custom printed 12m wide backdrop on FABframe to create the stage backdrop.

- 300 hours of technical labour

WCOA Stage Design

The Challenge:

To design a visually impactful stage that enabled viewing of content from every seat in the Sydney ICC Theatre as well as creating a large performance space.

The Process:

Prime AV’s role in this was to design, quote and implement the stage with the ICC production team and various third party suppliers. Prime AV was also responsible for delivering the content throughout the event working closely with the ICC Production team. We initially had a 3D render animated to really showcase our design and let the visuals speak for themselves. Once stakeholders were onboard, detailed drawings were designed, and the ICC approval process began. With ICC supplying the majority of the equipment, third party suppliers were then brought in to provide the stage structure, stairs, performance surface and 3D lettering as well as special content creators and performers to bring the space to life.

With such large screens and high powered projection, we easily achieved one of our objectives, to deliver high definition content to every seat in the house. The performance space objective was achieved by covering the large curved area in front of the main stage in Tarkett, a dance industry specific product that incidentally lends itself very well as a projection surface. After the stage was built, we precisely laid and cut to shape large rolls of Tarkett flooring to give the performers the perfect space. Viewing was optimal in every corner of the Theatre thanks to its steep rake. The final piece of the puzzle was the 3D lettering. This was used to give the massive space a sense of depth, and also create some interest in the background for our camera shots.

This project was about 18 months in the making. From initial concept, through to content creation and performance rehearsals, then to final delivery in November 2018. Prime AV oversaw every aspect of the project and as a team, very proud of the outcome.

From the initial 3D render, the vision was maintained throughout. Please refer to the below images.

Technology Used:

20m x 6.8m Centre Screen with a pair of edge blended 26k Projectors.

2x 7.3m x 4.1m Side Screens each illuminated using a 26k Projector.

20m x 8.2m Curved Floor Surface illuminated using double stacked overhead 30k Projectors and Short Throw lenses.

Barco Event Master 2 & PVP2 running special content

Total aprox. combined projection surface area = 356m2

Total aprox. Projection lumens = 164,000 lumens