Our inventory includes large screen projection, PA systems, staging and lighting along with videoconferencing, live streaming and video & audio recording.

Our presentation technology and support services include pre and post production, simultaneous interpretation and transcription services.

We specialise in Conferences, Seminars, Product Launches, Media Events and Gala Dinners.

Event Streaming Services

Event streaming services enable you to live stream your event and maximise your audience.  Your event can also be captured and made available on line for viewing on-demand.

We can stream direct to your FaceBook page, YouTube Channel or you can host the stream on your own website. We can also provide a customised, branded page to host the stream.

Streaming services allow presenters who can't make it on the day to be part of your event, see their audience and partake in Q&A. This can be organised at extremely short notice.

Depending on your budget and audience size there are several options available.


We offer a wide selection of projectors, screens, LED walls and monitors and our Project Managers will work with you to determine what equipment will provide the maximum impact for your event. We carry projectors to suit small boardroom presentations through to ultra wide projection blends on screens over 20m wide. We also offer cost effective projection mapping to add the wow factor you are looking for.

Our inventory also includes a range of seamless switchers and scalers which are the backbone of any large scale video presentation system. This could include basic HDMI switchers or complex production processors for live event and broadcast applications.

We provide video recording with both pre and post production services available.


Whether you need a single microphone or you are organising a rock concert, the PA system needs to suit both the venue and the style of your event.

We offer a vast range of microphones, mixers, amplifiers, speakers and processing equipment and we offer advice on what will be appropriate for your event.

We also provide audio induction loops (or hearing loops). If you are expecting hearing impaired guests we can install an induction loop around the room and this provides a direct audio link to their hearing aids & implants. Live transcription services are also an option for the hearing impaired.


Often the forgotten element of an audiovisual set up, lighting can completely change the look of a venue and your event.

Corporate colours and gobos add the professional touch to an otherwise average corporate event. Back lighting the lectern will "lift" the presenter off the back wall - especially if the event is being video recorded. Moving or intelligent lights can add the wow factor that is so often missing.

Whether it is a spot light on the lectern, a general stage wash or a combination of static and intelligent lighting, the lighting system requires careful attention to detail. Prime AV can provide a range of lighting solutions to suit your event and your budget.

Staging & Drapes

Components in this category include items such as lecterns, drapes, customised sets and of course stage. We offer the industry standard black lecterns but have you considered Perspex or stainless steel lecterns for your next event? These can be customised with your logo or lit with your corporate colours.

We carry a range of modular staging components that combine to suit anyrequirement. You can choose the width, depth, height and the colour of your stage. We supply steps and/or ramps ensuring easy access to the stage. We also specialise in large, multilevel media risers for corporate events.

Drapes, or a custom stage set will allow you to turn any venue into your own space. Stage sets are usually designed and constructed to suit the event, taking into account any venue restrictions such as ceiling heights and fire exits etc. Drapes are modular so they are a quick and easy way to transform the room. Drapes can be supplied in a range a of colours but when combined with coloured up lights, standard black drapes can appear just about any colour you like.

Event Production

There are many moving parts to event production. Coordinating presenters, venues and delegates can be a daunting and time consuming task. Audiovisual equipment and technicians don’t need to be on your list of concerns as we can take the hassle out of the technical aspect of your event.

Well before your event begins we can assist with  the production of videos, slide decks, stage sets and gobos. We will perform site surveys and provide comprehensive, scaled floor plans. These plans will incorporate all the technical components as well as tables and chairs so you can rearrange the lay-out and try different options to get the most out of the venue.

During your event we will provide technical direction and stage management. We can provide video and audio recording services and post production services including the editing of videos and audio files. We also provide transcription and captioning services so your videos can be sub-titled.

International Production Services

Technical planning abroad can be challenging.  With experience working throughout Asia Pacific, America, the Middle East and Europe, we take on that challenge and work as an integrated part of your team and with local suppliers, to deliver an experience that audiences around the world expect.